O&O SafeErase 7 Product manual

O&O SafeErase 7 
SafeErasing the entire computer

The function SafeErase entire computer enables you to permanently delete an entire computer without needing to create a boot CD first. All data, settings, programs, etc. will be gone forever - a restoration is impossible.

Permanently deleting your entire computer enables you to SafeErase your data when you sell, give away, or throw away your computer. You can rest assured that nobody will be able to restore and abuse your data.

After confirming the deletion, you will be asked to restart your computer. The actual deletion process will be executed during restart.

Please bear in mind that data deleted with O&O SafeErase cannot be restored, not even with the use of special software or hardware. Please bear this in mind to avoid accidental deletion of you data!

SafeErasing the entire computer

SafeErasing the entire computer

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