O&O DiskStat 4 Product manual

O&O DiskStat 4 
Product manual

Many thanks for choosing O&O DiskStat! O&O DiskStat enables you to analyze used space on your hard disk with the help of Charts. As soon as you start the program, you are presented with a concise overview of your entire hard disk. With the help of O&O DiskStat, you can identify and dispose of superfluous files, saving yourself valuable hard disk space in the process!


O&O DiskStat gives you a quick overview of how your hard disk is being used. This makes it easy to search for files and folders that are taking up valuable hard drive space and are slowing down the computer. Similar to Windows Explorer, the versatile tool offers an intuitive interface and a variety of options for searching for memory hogs.

The following chapters will help you get started and explain how best to use O&O DiskStat.

We hope you enjoy our product, and that it saves you valuable time both at work and at home!

Yours O&O Software


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