Scriptinterface Product manual


In a command file, commands and/or parameters can be connected with conditions when needed to run or apply them.A condition is labelled with the string "CONDITION".The following operations can be used for getting a verification of validity:

  • the values are equal- ("==")
  • the values are unequal- („!=“)
  • the left value is greater than the right value (">")
  • the left value is smaller than the right value ("<")

A dynamic command file processing can be attained by evaluating the environment variables in conditions.


<command name="create partition">



<!—target object is disk 0 -->


<!-- layout of a partition on the remaining range -->


<!—set drive letter D -->


<!—alignment of the new partition on cylinder/head/sector -->


<!—create NTFS partition (fix partition type, fix file system for formatting) -->


<!—run formatting with fixed file system -->


In the above example, the command to create a partition will only be run if the value of the environment variable "ImageStep" is equal to the value "2".