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SPACE Method

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SPACE Method

The SPACE methods offer you a great solution for heavy fragmentation. It also allows you to consolidate your data so that the amount of contiguous free space is as large as possible and further fragmentation is prevented.


All fragmented files will be defragmented, and then placed into the free slots in which they fit. This maximizes contiguous free space. This method is very quick and efficient and it does reorganize your volume, but not as thoroughly as the COMPLETE methods.

Recommended Application

The SPACE method is ideal for the first defragmentation run on a system that has never been defragmented, as it requires far less free space than the COMPLETE methods. SPACE can also be used for regular defragmentation runs.

  • Initial defragmentation of your system
  • Computers with few available resources, as the method does not greatly increase the CPU usage and does not require much free hard disk space
  • Servers with large hard disks (e.g. more than 1 terabyte)
  • Computers with a large number of files (more than 100,000 files)