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Besides the continuous maintenance and enhancement of the existing program components, you will find several additional new and helpful features in O&O Defrag.

Defragmentation method SOLID
In order to make the most of the resource-saving effect of defragmenting SSDs, we have developed SOLID. This method already protects the resources of the SSD during defragmentation and additionally reduces future write accesses. Incidentally, a similar effect can also be achieved when using SOLID on HDDs, where the mechanics of the read and write head are particularly

O&O DiskStat
O&O DiskStat provides you with an overall view of just how your hard disk is being used. It lets you track down those files and folders that are taking up too much space on your hard disk, and causing your computer to slow down. You can sort by category, file type, view them in Explorer and export them as a table. A further major function to speed up your systems.

Fragment Filter
Fragment Filter to identify the most fragmented files on a drive

O&O DiskCleaner
O&O Defrag offers a convenient tool with O&O DiskCleaner that searches for and removes temporary and unnecessary files that consume space and increase fragmentation.

Lifetime Performance Statistics
You can see in detail the lifetime performance statistics of O&O Defrag, from the moment you bought the program to the current moment. These statistics show you just what O&O Defrag is doing for your PC, and exactly what it has already achieved so far!

Deletion of free space
Deletion of free space for increased protection of privacy. O&O Defrag lets you overwrite free space to make sure data you previously deleted can never be recovered. O&O Defrag not only increases your computer’s productivity but protects your data from unauthorized access. All that in just one program!

Thin Provisioning
Optimize systems with Thin Provisioning. This feature enables O&O Defrag to reduce and optimize the actual memory usage of virtual machines and drives on SANs. The main attraction here is the combination of this new feature with defragmentation. Let O&O Defrag automatically prevent storage overload and unwanted disclosure of data after every defragmentation!

Thanks to clearly displayed statistics, you can tell what effect a regular defragmentation is having on your system and you can track the success over weeks and months.You can monitor how many files have been optimized and how many excess file fragments have been put back together.Based on this, you can then adjust your settings to match the defragmentation to your computer habits in order to get the best possible results.

Defragmentation summary
The new defragmentation summary shows the difference a defragmentation makes; after each defragmentation run you will be shown the drive's allocation before and after optimization by O&O Defrag.

Live Update: Automatic updates to most recent program versions
The Live Update feature keeps you informed about available updates for your program version. This allows you to keep your program up to date without any manual installation. You’ll also be notified when a new program version is released.

Simplified user interface
The user control was adapted to the most frequent application cases, so that the most important jobs will be executed intuitively. All basic control possibilities, as well as the unique functions of O&O Defrag can be accessed with just one click.

QuickStart wizard of O&O Defrag
The QuickStart wizard allows you to automate defragmentation with just a few mouse clicks right after the first start of O&O Defrag or at a later time. Once defined, you will never have to worry about the optimization of your hard disk again. Everything will be handled by O&O Defrag in the background. The default settings we propose are adapted to the needs of most our customers.

O&O ActivityMonitor
The O&O ActivityMonitor periodically determines the system load. It controls the performance demand of O&O Defrag during a defragmentation and adapts it to the current state. You can thereby work undisturbed while your system is being defragmented in the background.

Thanks to the automatic optimization in O&O Defrag, there is no need to manually schedule defragmentation runs. This feature is activated automatically after installation and optimizes your hard disk in the background; without your computer losing any of its performance.

Advanced report management
The report function lists the defragmentation reports in date order and groups them according to their age. In that way, you will always stay informed on the performance development of your computer over time.

Optimization for all makes of Solid State Drives (SSDs)
For the first time, O&O Defrag enables you to optimize all makes of SSD drives. Using regularly scheduled ATA TRIM commands, an SSD will be kept informed of those hard disk areas that are available for new data. Instead of continuing to save the contents of data that’s no longer needed, the SSD can now use those freed areas for a drive-internal optimization of its data management. As a result, the SSD is able to process accesses significantly faster, and wear out on flash chips is kept to a minimum.

Filing drives into zones
The division of drives into zones enables the logical separation of the data into performance critical and non-critical files. A special algorithm makes sure that the data on the disk is optimally organized after defragmentation. Files are organized and moved into zones depending on their intended use and the access frequency. For instance, system and program files, which need to be accessed very quickly, are separated from other data like documents and downloads. By the division of files according to their write frequency, it’s possible to intelligently prevent fragmentation. Thanks to this logical grouping, program and system start times are shortened, future defragmentation runs faster, and new fragmentation can be prevented.

Three adapted optimized methods for defragmentation
Three methods - Optimize, Optimize/Quick and Optimize/Complete - facilitate the selection of the most beneficial defragmentation for a specific purpose. These new methods group your data into zones and combine optimally with the older O&O Defrag methods. These are, of course, still available whenever you disable zone filing.

Additional strategies to reduce fragmentation
Very large files with high-levels of fragmentation can also be efficiently packed together into a few fragments. The result is clearly measurable.

Compatible with Windows 10
O&O products are always kept up to date with advances in technology. That’s why O&O Defrag has been developed and optimized for Windows 10: to guarantee you best results. And, of course, older systems using Windows 7 will go on being fully supported.