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O&O SystemInfo

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O&O SystemInfo gives you the best possible overview of the system settings in your Windows operating system. Here you can delete, disable or change system parameters.

  • To open O&O SystemInfo, click on Start/Programs/Administrative Tools and then on System Information.
O&O SystemInfo

O&O SystemInfo

The Boot Configuration Data (BCD) for Windows Vista and newer operating systems is only supported to a limited degree. BCD Store cannot be manipulated and is only shown for control purposes.

System Information displays:

  • Configuration of the win.ini files
  • Configuration of the system.ini files
  • Configuration of the boot.ini files
  • Autostart entries
  • Environmental variables

A further important aspect of O&O SystemInfo is the presentation of a list of Autostart entries. Programs from the Autostart Program group are displayed as well as the most important Autostart areas from the registry database, including:


These areas are also favored by virus programs as storage locations for viruses, Trojans or Spyware. The Autostart entries can be disabled and/or enabled with SystemInfo. This prevents starting damaged or infected programs.

Edit system parameters

  • 1. Select a configuration or entry.
  • 2. To edit a system parameter, select one from the list on the right.
  • 3. A window will appear where you can edit.

Disable system parameters

  • 1. Select an entry from a configuration.
  • 2. Delete the checkmark next to “Enable”.
  • 3. The element and its value are now disabled.

Delete system parameters

  • 1. Click a system parameter to see its value displayed in an editing window.
  • 2. You can now delete the parameter.