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O&O BlueCon 20 
Explaining the main functions

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A total Windows system crash is every administrator's worst nightmare. If a new start or restoring the old settings doesn’t help then it is mostly too late.

O&O BlueCon provides a whole range of refined tools for solving problems. A particular highlight is the ability to start O&O BlueCon from CD ROM with no prior installation. This enables you to access systems that cannot be started anymore from the hard disk. This prevents data being damaged by additional or new installations of Windows.

There are many situations in which O&O BlueCon can help you. We have listed the most common for you here to give you an idea of O&O BlueCon’s performance range:

Windows-based interface
With O&O BlueCon the user has a task bar, Start menu and all appropriate program buttons at their disposal. This enables access without entering command lines and with just a few simple mouse clicks. Navigation, as in Windows, can be done with the mouse. For execution, editing or creation of basic files users have a command-line editor at their fingertips.

Backup data from defective systems
Copy data from defective systems to external storage media. You can access your system without having to write on it – this gives you the security of knowing no data will be lost. Simply start the O&O BlueCon CD and access all partitions! (See O&O FileExplorer) (see O&O FileExplorer)

Disable defective drivers and system services
Amongst the most common causes of a system crash are defective drivers or system services. These are loaded before the user can log on, giving them no opportunity to remove or replace them. With O&O BlueCon you can simply disable the driver or service, or replace them with a new version! (see O&O DeviceManager) (See O&O DeviceManager)

Edit the Registry
The registry is the central depot where all system and user settings are saved. Any errors here can prevent your system from running correctly. False driver or service parameters can also cause severe problems. The O&O RegEditor enables you to change or correct entries in the registry. (See O&O RegEditor)

Gain access without an administrator password
You cannot log on to your Windows system without a password. If you forget or lose this password you have to install Windows anew in order to gain system access. O&O BlueCon provides you with a tool to delete or change passwords for local user accounts so that you regain access to their systems. (See O&O UserManager)

Securely delete data
With O&O BlueCon,the technology of O&O SafeErase will let you delete data, partitions, hard disks or entire systems beyond any chance of recovery. Using five different methods of deletion it is possible to overwrite data up to 35 times!

Data recovery included
O&O DiskRecovery, our data rescue specialist, is integrated into O&O BlueCon to help restore data that was accidentally deleted. This lets you recover data in almost every data loss scenario caused by software, be that as a result of formatted disks, accidental deletion, or viral attack. With O&O DiskRecovery, data recovery was never so easy, quick and affordable.

Data imaging with O&O DiskImage*
You can start O&O DiskImage without installation directly from the O&O BlueCon CD. If you have problems with your operating systems, you could for instance, restore a previously created image, and afterwards continue using your computer as usual.

In case of data loss, O&O DiskImage can also be used to create a 1:1 image of the affected disk (forensic image).This image can then be mounted as a drive in Windows and you can try to rescue data using our O&O data rescue program. The advantage here is that the original disk will not be directly needed and so remains available for additional treatment, such as sending it to a data rescue laboratory.

O&O DiskImage is included in certain licenses and Editions of O&O BlueCon.For questions concerning our licensing model, please contact the O&O Customer Center. We will be happy to help you further.

Remove/uninstall updates that were installed by Windows
With this new function you can remove/uninstall updates that were installed by Windows. The O&O UpdateRemover offers much more than the in-built Windows function. This only shows and removes the "last update", whereas the O&O UpdateRemover is more detailed with a full list of updates installed and available for removal. It is also still available even if the Windows rescue environment no longer starts!

O&O BlueCon Assistant
The new O&O Bluecon Assistant provides you at the start with a clear overview of all the most important functions within the program. With jsut one click, you can access these functions without having to go through a menu or navigation. This not only lets you see at a glance the main features that O&O BlueCon has to offer, it also saves you valuable time.