O&O SafeErase 15 Product manual

O&O SafeErase 15 
Securely delete temporary Internet files

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Temporary Internet files are automatically created by your browser, whenever you use it. It is therefore retroactively traceable, which Internet pages have been visited by you. Sometimes, even login data is saved on your computer.

Delete browser data

Delete browser data

Data to be deleted

Delete history
Permanently deletes the list of URLs that you visited.

Delete history of download files
Deletes the temporary files that were saved in the browser list during downloads.

Delete cookies and saved website data
Permanently deletes files that were stored on the computer by websites.

Delete cache
Permanently deletes copies of web pages, pictures and media files that were saved to allow faster access.

Delete passwords and form data
Permanently deletes information that you have entered in forms.

Delete bookmarks
Permanently deletes your list of favored Websites.

Once you’ve made your selection, click Continue and then select a deletion method . If you don’t want to delete anything, click Return and your data remains unchanged.