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The STEALTH method differs from other methods in that it is much faster and uses much less main memory for the defragmentation.


The STEALTH method is based on our unique STEALTH technology and allows an unprecedented level of defragmentation on computers having a large number of files, little free space or available main memory.

This method defragments all fragmented files and tries to consolidate them in order to optimize available free disk space. Speed and resource usage are the main considerations here, and the method is therefore not quite as thorough as the SPACE and COMPLETE methods.

Recommended Application

The STEALTH method is especially useful for defragmentation on a regular basis.

  • Initial defragmentation of your system
  • Computers with few available resources, as the method does not greatly increase the CPU usage and does not require much free hard disk space
  • Servers with very large hard disks (e.g. more than 4 terabytes)
  • Computers with a very large number of files (more than 3,000,000 files)