O&O SafeErase 8 Product manual

O&O SafeErase 8 
Start SafeErasing the entire computer

  1. Select SafeErase entire computer in the start page.
  2. Optionally, you can also specify to also include external drives while permanently deleting your entire computer.
  3. By clicking on Run you will get to selection of the Deletion method.
  4. After selecting the deletion method you can start the deletion with SafeErase now.
  5. After confirming the first security checks, you will have to enter a six digit security code in the second security prompt.
  6. If you confirm the dialogue, the deletion process will start and all data will be erased irrevocably from your computer.

The function SafeErase entire computer erases all data from your computer without additional boot disk type media. Once you have confirmed the execution of this function, all data on your computer will be deleted, after which all data and settings will be lost.

If you need a report after a deletion you need to save it on an external storage medium. For this, please enter a storage location. Please make sure that there is no check next to SafeErase external drives.