O&O DiskRecovery 10 Handbuch

O&O DiskRecovery 10 
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Dateiendung Beschreibung Hersteller Dateigruppe
123 Lotus 123 File Lotus Office-Dokument
12M Lotus 123 Master Lotus Office-Dokument
3DA Crystal Reports File Crystal Decisions Dokument
3GP 3GP Multimedia Container Format Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Film
3TF Crystal Reports File Crystal Decisions Dokument
3WS Crystal Reports File Crystal Decisions Dokument
7Z 7-Zip Archive Igor Pawlow Archiv
ACCDB Access 2007 Microsoft Datenbank
ACE ACE File e-Merge Archiv
ACM Windows System File Microsoft Applikation
ACP Arcon Project File TriCAD Verschiedenes
ADP Access Project Microsoft Datenbank
ADT Fax File Format AdTech Applikation
AFM Adobe Font Metrics Adobe Applikation
AI Adobe Illustrator Format Adobe Grafik
AIF QuickTime File Apple Film
AM Sound File Format Musik
ANI Animated Pointer Microsoft Grafik
API Acrobat Plug-In Adobe Applikation
APK Android Application Package File Google Applikation
ARJ ARJ Archive Format ARC Software Inc. Archiv
ARX ARX Prozess Verschiedenes
ASF Advanced Streaming Format Microsoft Film
ASMX ASP.NET Webservices Source Microsoft Applikation
AU Sound Player File Sun Microsystems Musik
AVI Audio Video Interlaced File Microsoft Film
AW Answer Wizard File Microsoft Applikation
AX Windows System File Microsoft Applikation
BIN Binary File Format Microsoft Applikation
BKF WindowsXP Backup Utility Backup Set Microsoft Applikation
BLD 3D Home Architect 3D Home Grafik
BMP Windows Bitmap Microsoft Grafik
BOO FrameMaker Format Adobe Grafik
BQY BrioQuery File Brio Technology Datenbank
BRK BRK File Format Adobe Allgemein
BTR Btrieve Database File Pervasive Software Datenbank
CAB Windows Cabinet Archive Microsoft Archiv
CAL CAL File Format Allgemein
CAP Concept16 Database File Vectorsoft Datenbank
CDR Corel Draw 8/9/10/11/12/X3 Corel Grafik
CDT Corel Draw Template File Corel Grafik
CHM Compiled Help File Format Microsoft Applikation
CHQ Help Combined Full-text Search File Microsoft Applikation
CIFF CIFF Format Canon Digitalkamera RAW-Format
CLA Java Class File Sun Microsystems Dokument
CLP Windows Clipboard Format Microsoft Grafik
CLS JavaScript Class Sun Dokument
CLY ACT! Layout Best Software CRM Division Dokument
CMX Corel Clipart Corel Grafik
CNT Windows Help File Content Microsoft Applikation
CNV Text Converter File Microsoft Applikation
CONT Contax Raw Format Contax Digitalkamera RAW-Format
CPI International Code Page Microsoft Applikation
CPL Control Panel File Microsoft Applikation
CPP C/C++ Source Code File Text
CPT Photo-Paint Image Corel Grafik
CR2 CR2 Format Canon Digitalkamera RAW-Format
CRAFT Serif CraftArtist Serif Grafik
CTM CTM File Format CTM Development Allgemein
CUE CUE File Format Allgemein
CUR Cursor File Format Microsoft Grafik
DB Paradox Database Borland Datenbank
DBS DBS Library Archiv
DBX Outlook Express E-mail Folder Microsoft Mail
DBx Microsoft Picture Catalog Microsoft Grafik
DCM DICOM Medical Imaging Data Grafik
DCR Shockwave Director File Macromedia Grafik
DIB Device-Independent Bitmap graphics Microsoft Grafik
DICM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) DICOM Grafik
DIT Windows Active Directory Schema Microsoft Applikation
DLL Dynamic Link Library Microsoft Applikation
DOC Word 6.0/97/2000/XP/2003 Microsoft Office-Dokument
DOCX Word 2007 Microsoft Office-Dokument
DOT Word Template Microsoft Office-Dokument
DPA Serif DrawPlus Serif Grafik
DPP Serif DrawPlus Serif Grafik
DRD O&O DiskRecovery Data File O&O Software Applikation
DRF O&O DiskRecovery Filetype File O&O Software Applikation
DRS O&O DiskRecovery Signature File O&O Software Applikation
DRV Windows System Driver Microsoft Applikation
DRW Micrografx Designer Format Micrografx Grafik
DSC Rollei Raw Format Rollei Digitalkamera RAW-Format
DSG EOD File Sierra Verschiedenes
DSN ODBC Datasource File Microsoft Datenbank
DUN DUN File Format Microsoft Applikation
DWG AutoCAD File Format Autodesk Grafik
DXR Protected Movie File Macromedia Film
ECF Extension Configuration File Microsoft Applikation
EDB Exchange Server Database Microsoft Datenbank
ELM FrontPage Theme-Pack File Microsoft Internet/Web
EMF Windows Enhanced Meta File Microsoft Grafik
EML Mozilla EML Internet/Web
EPS Encapsulated Postscript Adobe Dokument
ETP Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Template Project Microsoft Dokument
EXE Executable File Microsoft Applikation
FAE FAE File Format Microsoft Allgemein
FDB Firebird Database File Firebird Datenbank
FH8 Freehand File Format Macromedia Grafik
FLA Flash Movie Authoring File Macromedia Film
FLC Autodesk Animator File Autodesk Grafik
FLT FLT File Format Autodesk Allgemein
FMT FMT File Format Microsoft Office-Dokument
FON Font File Microsoft Applikation
FOV Foveon Raw Format Foveon Digitalkamera RAW-Format
FP5 Filemaker Pro Filemaker Inc. Datenbank
FPX FlashPix Format Kodak Grafik
FRT FoxPro File Microsoft Datenbank
FUJI Fujifilm Raw Format Fujifilm Digitalkamera RAW-Format
GIF GIF 87a/89a Compuserve Grafik
GLY ACT! Layout Best Software CRM Division Applikation
GMT ACT! Email Template Best Software CRM Division Applikation
GZ gzip Archive (Unix) gzip Org Archiv
HHC Help File Content Microsoft Applikation
HHP Help Project File Microsoft Applikation
HLP Windows Help File Microsoft Applikation
HLX ATI Radeon Video Driver Support File ATI Applikation
HQX BinHex Compressed File Apple Applikation
HRB HRB File Verschiedenes
HTM Hypertext Markup Language World Wide Web Consortium Internet/Web
HXI Help 2 Compiled Help File Microsoft Applikation
HXK Help 2 Keyword Index Microsoft Applikation
HXS Help 2 Compiled Help File Microsoft Applikation
HXW HXW File Format Microsoft Allgemein
ICC ICC Profile Format File Applikation
ICM Image Color Matching File Apple Applikation
ICO Windows Icon File Microsoft Grafik
IFF Deluxe Paint Image Electronic Arts Grafik
IME Global Input Method Editor Microsoft Applikation
IMG GEM Paint Digital Research, Inc. Grafik
IND Full-Text Search Index File Microsoft Applikation
INDD InDesign Adobe Grafik
ISU Uninstall Script File Microsoft Applikation
ITS International Translation File Microsoft Applikation
JP2 JPEG 2000 File Joint Photographic Experts Group Grafik
JPG JPEG Joint Photographic Experts Group Grafik
JPG JPEG (EXIF Format) Joint Photographic Experts Group Grafik
JPG JPEG (JFIF Format) Joint Photographic Experts Group Grafik
JPO JPO File Verschiedenes
KRYPTER Krypter 2000 Krypter Archiv
LBL Label file - dBASE IV/Clipper 5/dBFast Ashton Tate Applikation
LBM DeluxePaint Bitmap Electronic Arts Grafik
LDF SQL Server Transaction Log File Microsoft Datenbank
LIB Static Link Library Microsoft Applikation
LNK Windows Shortcut File Microsoft Applikation
LRCAT Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Catalog File Adobe Grafik
LWP Lotus WordPro File Lotus Office-Dokument
LXA Office Speech Lexicon File Microsoft Applikation
LZH SFX Archiver Format APN Computing Archiv
M4A MPEG-4 Audio Layer Moving Pictures Experts Group Musik
MB Paradox Database Borland Datenbank
MCD MathCad File MathSoft Dokument
MDB Access 97/2000/XP/2003 Microsoft Datenbank
MDF SQL Server Master Database File Microsoft Datenbank
MDZ Access Wizard Template Microsoft Office-Dokument
MFL MFL File Format Mozilla Allgemein
MID MIDI File Format Microsoft Musik
MINO Minolta Raw Format Minolta Digitalkamera RAW-Format
MMAS MMAS File Format Allgemein
MMAT MMAT File Format Allgemein
MMMP MMMP File Format Allgemein
MNY Microsoft Money Format Microsoft Datenbank
MOD CAD File Dassault Systèmes Grafik
MOV Quicktime Movie Format Apple Film
MP3 MPEG 1.0 Layer 3 (V2.0) Moving Pictures Experts Group Musik
MPE Media Player Format Microsoft Film
MPG MPEG 1 Video Moving Pictures Experts Group Film
MPT Project Template File Microsoft Office-Dokument
MSC Management Control File Microsoft Applikation
MSI Microsoft Installer Microsoft Archiv
MSM Windows Installer Merge Module Microsoft Applikation
MSP Microsoft Paint Microsoft Grafik
MTS Advanced Video Coding High Definition (AVCHD) Panasonic/Sony Film
MVP Serif MoviePlus Serif Grafik
MXF Material Exchange Format (SMPTE 377M) SMPTE/EBU/AAF Film
NCR NCR Image NCR Grafik
NSF Lotus Notes Database File Lotus Datenbank
NTF Lotus Notes Template File Lotus Datenbank
O2C O2C File mb Software AG Verschiedenes
OCX ActiveX Control File Microsoft Applikation
OEB Outlook Express Database File Microsoft Mail
OMG Sicherungsdatei von O&O DiskImage O&O Software Datensicherung
ONE OneNote 2003 Microsoft Office-Dokument
OPA OPA File Format Psion Allgemein
PACK Serif CraftArtist Serif Grafik
PAL Palette Format Microsoft Grafik
PBM Unix Portable Bitmap Graphic Free Software Foundation Grafik
PCX PCX File Format Zsoft Grafik
PDB Visual C++ Program Database File Microsoft Applikation
PDF Portable Document Format Adobe Dokument
PFB Font File Format Adobe Applikation
PGM Portable Graymap Graphic Grafik
PIC PC Paint IBM Grafik
PIP Office Personalized Menu and Toolbar Microsoft Applikation
PMD PageMaker File Adobe Dokument
PNF Precompiled Setup File Format Microsoft Applikation
PNG Portable Network Graphics Free Software Foundation Grafik
POC POC File Format Apple Allgemein
POL Windows Policy File Microsoft Applikation
POT PowerPoint Template Microsoft Office-Dokument
PPACK Serif PagePlus Serif Grafik
PPD Printer Description File Adobe Applikation
PPM PBM Portable Pixelmap Graphic Free Software Foundation Grafik
PPP Serif PagePlus Serif Grafik
PPR PowerPlay OLAP File Cognos Datenbank
PPT PowerPoint 4.0/97/2000/XP/2003 Microsoft Office-Dokument
PPTX PowerPoint 2007 Microsoft Office-Dokument
PRJ PRJ File Verschiedenes
PRT Schedule+ Print File Microsoft Applikation
PRZ Freelance Graphics File Lotus Office-Dokument
PS Postscript Adobe Dokument
PSD Photoshop Graphic Adobe Grafik
PSP Paint Shop Pro Graphic Jasc Software, Inc. Grafik
PST Outlook 97/98/2000/2002/2003 Microsoft Mail
PUB Microsoft Publisher Document Microsoft Office-Dokument
PX Paradox Database Primary Index Borland Datenbank
PXN Fotoman Raw Format Logitech Digitalkamera RAW-Format
PYC Python Compiler Script Bytecode Dokument
PYD Python Dynamic Module Bytecode Dokument
PYI PowerPlay Cognos Verschiedenes
QBW Quickbooks Data File Intuit Datenbank
QXD QuarkXpress Quark Grafik
QXP QuarkXpress Project Quark Dokument
RAR RAR Archive Format Rarlabs Archiv
RAS Sun Raster Image Sun Microsystems Grafik
RAW RAW RGB 24-bit Graphic Grafik
RDF RDF File Format Borland Allgemein
REG Windows RegEdit File Microsoft Applikation
REP ACT! Report Template Best Software CRM Division Applikation
RESX NET XML Resource Template Microsoft Dokument
RGB Silicon Graphics RGB Bitmap Silicon Graphics Grafik
RGS RGS File Format Microsoft Allgemein
RLE Run Length Encoded Bitmap Grafik
RLL SQL Server Resource Library Microsoft Datenbank
RM RealPlayer File RealNetworks Musik
RMI MIDI Sequence File Microsoft Musik
RTD Render File Ragtime Grafik
RTF Rich Text Format Dokument
RTM RTM File Format Allgemein
SAP Serif AlbumPlus Serif Grafik
SBP Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist Serif Grafik
SCR Windows Screensaver Microsoft Applikation
SCT SciTex Continuous Tone Kodak Grafik
SDB Windows Compatibility Solution Database Microsoft Applikation
SDY Starmoney File Starmoney Dokument
SFL SFL File Format Intellifont Allgemein
SKF AutoSketch File Autodesk Grafik
SLN Visual Studio .NET Solution Microsoft Dokument
SNK SNK File Format Microsoft Allgemein
SOR SnapShot File Microsoft Archiv
SPP Serif Photo Plus Serif Grafik
SQLT SQLite Database File SQLite Team Datenbank
STY STY File Format Microsoft Allgemein
SUO Visual Studio Solution User Options Microsoft Dokument
SWF Shockwave Flash File Macromedia Film
SXC OpenOffice Spreadsheet OpenOffice.org Office-Dokument
SXD OpenOffice Drawing OpenOffice.org Office-Dokument
SXI OpenOffice Presentation OpenOffice.org Office-Dokument
SXW OpenOffice Text Document OpenOffice.org Office-Dokument
SYS Windows System File Microsoft Applikation
TAR TAR Archive Free Software Foundation Archiv
TGA Truevision Targa Graphic Grafik
TIF Tagged Image File Format Adobe Grafik
TOC Eudora File Qualcomm Dokument
TPL ACT! Document Template Best Software CRM Division Applikation
TSP TSP File Format Microsoft Allgemein
TST2 Test O&O (Benutzerdefiniert)
TTF TrueType Font Microsoft Applikation
TXT Text File Text
TXT UTF-8 Text File Text
TXT Unicode Text File Text
TXT Unicode Text File (Big Endian) Text
UPP UPP File Format Allgemein
USER USER File Format Allgemein
VB Visual Basic File Microsoft Applikation
VBP Visual Basic Project Microsoft Dokument
VMC Virtual PC Virtual Machine Microsoft Applikation
VMDK VMware Virtual Disk File VMware Applikation
VMG Nokia SMS Nokia Verschiedenes
VMX VMware Image File VMware Applikation
VOB DVD Video Movie File Moving Pictures Experts Group Film
VRD Visio Resource File Microsoft Office-Dokument
VSD Microsoft Visio Document Microsoft Office-Dokument
VSS Visio Stencil Microsoft Office-Dokument
VST Visio Template Microsoft Office-Dokument
VSZ Visual Studio Extension Microsoft Applikation
WAB Outlook Address Book Microsoft Mail
WAV Windows Audio Microsoft Musik
WBD Microsoft Works Database Microsoft Office-Dokument
WBMP Wireless Bitmap File Format Grafik
WFA "Symantec WinFax PRO Document" Symantec Dokument
WID WID File Format Ventura Allgemein
WIM WIM File Format Microsoft Allgemein
WIZ Word Wizard File Microsoft Applikation
WK3 Lotus 123 File (V3.0) Lotus Office-Dokument
WK4 Lotus 123 File (V4.0) Lotus Office-Dokument
WKS Microsoft Works Microsoft Office-Dokument
WMA Windows Media Audio File Microsoft Musik
WMF Windows Metafile Format Microsoft Grafik
WMV Windows Audio/Movie File Microsoft Film
WPACK Serif WebPlus Serif Grafik
WPD WordPerfect Document Corel Office-Dokument
WPG WordPerfect Bitmap/Vector Corel Grafik
WPL Windows Media Player Playlist Microsoft Applikation
WPP Serif WebPlus Serif Grafik
WRI Windows Write File Microsoft Dokument
XBM X Bitmap Graphic Grafik
XGn Paradox Database Secondary Index Borland Datenbank
XLA Excel Add-in Microsoft Applikation
XLS Excel 5.0/97/2000/XP/2003 Microsoft Office-Dokument
XLSX Excel 2007 Microsoft Office-Dokument
XLT Excel Template Microsoft Office-Dokument
XML XML File World Wide Web Consortium Internet/Web
XPG XPG File Format Allgemein
XPM X Picsmap Graphic Grafik
XPT XPT File Format Allgemein
XSN XSN File Format Allgemein
XWD XWD File Format Microsoft Allgemein
Xnn Paradox Database Secondary Index Borland Datenbank
YGn Paradox Database Secondary Index Borland Datenbank
Ynn Paradox Database Secondary Index Borland Datenbank
ZIC Zooimage Text
ZIP ZIP Archive Winzip Archiv
ZOO ZOO 2.00/2.10 Archiv

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