Scriptinterface Product manual


A command refers to a functioning part or special feature of the program. With the help of the relevant command, an operation such as “Creating an Image” can be implemented.An operation is specialized through parameters. These parameters are divided in optional, non-optional, and dependent parameters. Optional parameters are not required to be used; however, they do expand the program’s usefulness. Non-optional parameters must be set and filled with valid values. If the values of this parameter or the parameter itself are missing during the processing of the command, the command processing will be aborted. False or missing parameters will then be noted in the log file. Dependent parameters are parameters which are optional and used to particularize another parameter. Alone, they have no validity.

Examples of dependent parameters:
The parameter "begin" is, by itself, insignificant.Through the parameter "disk_number", however, the offset will be recognized on a hard disk.
Using the qualifier „command“, you can apply and control the following commands during the processing of the command interpreter.

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