O&O DiskImage 10 Product manual

O&O DiskImage 10 
File backup advanced settings

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You can specify further settings under Advanced in the File backup options .

Lock drive while imaging

While processing a file backup, you can lock the drive where the folders/files being backed up are located. This prevents any changes from being made to the drive while the backup is being created. The drive will no longer be displayed in Explorer and all applications will be closed. The drive is not locked by default. If the drive is not locked, changes will be buffered either in the snapshot cache (if installed) or over the volume shadow copy service of Windows so that these changed won't influence the backup.

Use check sums to administer unchanged data (for incremental file backup)

Unchanged data is saved by default using checksums by the method Image of the changes. The file is slightly larger. It's therefore enough if you enter an existing image of the changes as source image for the next Image of the changes(with checksums). This function is enabled by default. If you save all images in a single folder, you can also disable this function. Your images will then take up less space on the disk.

  • Make sure that the optionUse checksums to administer unchanged data under File backup/File backup options/Advanced is enabled.