O&O AutoBackup 6 Product manual

O&O AutoBackup 6 
Product manual

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This is something you probably know all too well: how suddenly important data can be lost as a result of a system crash or viral attack. The perfect tool for quickly and easily taking the trouble out of such inconveniences!

The core auto backup and sync functions in O&O AutoBackup are especially useful for users who up until now have been afraid of using backup software because it was too complicated or involved high maintenance. The backup starts by simply connecting a portable device, such as an external HDD or USB stick, to the computer. This then allows the user to make a backup exactly when they need it, for example immediately after importing photos and videos from a digital camera. The user interface is very simple and intuitive so that with just a few clicks users can set up a backup and a reliable data protection should something be lost or deleted.

We hope you enjoy our product and that it saves you valuable time, both at work and at home!

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You must belong to a local administrator group or possess comparable permissions in order to install, manage, or register O&O AutoBackup. If you are a domain administrator, you should normally already possess these permissions.
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