O&O BlueCon 18 Product manual

O&O BlueCon 18 
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When starting O&O BlueCon, you will be asked to accept the license agreement. After that, you have the option of making customized settings for the system. In most cases it is not necessary to change anything. O&O BlueCon will automatically select the best settings for your system on its own.

O&O BlueCon Assistent

O&O BlueCon Assistent

After starting, the O&O BlueCon start wizard will open. On the left-hand side you’ll find a summary of the product’s most important features along with an option to open each of the corresponding programs directly. This wizard is, however, only a view of the most frequently used features. The full range of features can be viewed via the start menu at the bottom left.

At the upper right, you’ll find the option to access the initial settings dialog. Here you can adjust settings relevant to the system. You can also have information about O&O BlueCon displayed or use the Help feature.